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Pink (Quartz)

The pink quartz helps you in matters of love.

Friendship, family, romantic love, divine love, self-love, and raising children are all kingdoms where pink quartz can support with its love and healing. Its healing properties include regaining our self-esteem, love for ourselves and love for life. When we are at a time in our lives when fatigue, cynicism, or even prevail and bitterness, pink quartz can help us find solutions and release from the painful past, giving us the opportunity to trust life again.

Attributes: Love, Selflove, Confidence

Chakra : Heart Chakra


The aquamarine helps you to overcome any difficulty.

Releasing its cooling energy, aquamarine helps us create a relaxed but alert state of mind. Giving us access to our inner wisdom helps us stay calm in the midst of a conflict, resulting into speaking more clearly, honestly, and in a way that contributes to restoration of peace and harmony. Helping us stay in the center,
even in the midst of a dispute, the aqua marina enhances our ability to face any problem or difficulty we encounter smoothly, wisely, turning our experience into power. As it binds to water, it also strengthens our ability to leave behind the wounds of the past.

Properties: Wisdom, Calmness, Balance

Chakra : Throat Chakra


Tourmaline relieves stress and depression, promoting natural pleasure and inner beauty.

Joy does not come from outside; it is always present within us and appears spontaneously when we come in contact with our innate goodness and the beauty of life that constantly surrounds us. Tourmaline, supports the return to our heart-centered consciousness, healing and enhancing our physical vitality. It helps us get rid of our negativity, insecurities and internal conflicts, leaving room for harmony, balance and fullness to flourish.

Properties: Happiness, Balance, Stress Relief

Chakra : Root Chakra & Heart Chakra

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli helps you connect with your true self.

Strengthening communication with the wisdom we already have within us, lapis helps us discover our inner, noble and divine nature. The connection with our truest, deepest self can be the focal point for inner change. By understanding our deeper history, our needs, and the factors that contribute to our true happiness, lapis helps us pursuing them. Having faced our inner shadow, but also anything else that prevents us from being liberated, all that remains is to claim the coveted happiness.

Attributes: Wisdom, Selflove, Happiness

Chakra : Throat Chakra


Hematite helps you make your dreams come true.

Being the most powerful semi-precious stone used for grounding, hematite brings the energy of higher consciousness through the chakras to our root and helps us to turn this energy into physical reality. Eliminating our confusion and directing us to take action in the real world, our blurred imagination turns into a strategic plan to achieve our goals. More poetically, it can make our dreams come true.

Attributes: Wish, Luck

Chakra: Root Chakra


The labradorite strengthens the power of your will and the sense of your inner value.

Strengthening our aura and protecting us from internal negative energy, labradorite helps keep the invaders out and focuses on helping us reach our full potential. Helping us to eliminate negativity, allows us to get rid of insecurities that hold us back. With our inner value flourishing, we will be able to follow our dreams and aspirations with confidence.

Attributes: Protection, Confidence, Selflove

Chakra: Throat Chakra


Turquoise helps you get rid of your guilt.

Helping us to understand and embrace every aspect of ourselves, encouraging us to accept them and feel confident about who we are, the Turquoise shows us the way to liberation from the grief that keeps us away from the joys of everyday life. Facing people and memories that are painful or annoying, bringing to the surface the darkness and pain we have suppress and by incorporating them into our very existence, we will feel whole; it is a difficult process, but turquoise can become our guide to conversion all this pain in wisdom and compassion.

Attributes: Selflove, Happiness, Wisdom

Chakra :  Throat Chakra


Beryl motivates you to become the best version of yourself.

Having the ability to relieve stress, beryl is considered a natural stress reliever, as it keeps the mind in a calm state. It has the capacity to remind us of our value and uniqueness, thus contributing to the recovery of lost determination, but also to the externalization of our inner strength. It fights the natural tendency for laziness, motivating us to remain active both mentally and physically.

Properties: Strees Relief, Calm, Confidence

Chakra : All Chakras


Agate helps you feel truly complete as well satisfied with life.

By strengthening our connection with life itself, agate helps us with its balance and its terrestrial influence. Its lively energy promotes the pure joy that accompanies us in every activity we engage in. Helping us appreciating the beautiful wonder of the world, while remaining fully committed to life, helps us enjoy every last bit of it. In short, us brings happiness, the most creative and productive feeling, the source of emotional beauty.

Properties: Happiness

Chakra: All Chakras


Jade contributes to your physical and mental well-being.

Providing us with caring energy that lifts and soothes the heart, jade brings the abundance of nature into our lives. Helps us enjoy life while attracting what we need; wealth, love, health, peace or whatever else we think we have been deprived of. It is a powerful stone, which when placed in our personal environment, promotes its positive energy for making our relationships healthier .

Attributes: Prosperity, Health, Love

Chakra: Heart Chakra